Even a scientist can struggle with a saltwater aquarium…

Andrej Brummer, is a biologist who studied marine biology and ecology extensively at university, hates the over complication of scientific topics and grew up at the beach in New Zealand. He has worked as a cancer research scientist for 9 years but was always way more fascinated with marine organisms than human cells…

saltwater aquarium advice

Getting to play with saltwater aquariums in the lab!

His love affair with the denizens of the ocean began at an early age, where he and his sisters would spend hours exploring rock pools. When Andrej was 6 his father moved to Thailand, so every trip to visit him involved snorkeling and examining the weird and wonderful creatures that live in tropical reef environments.

Andrej Brummer saltwater aquarium

Andrej getting a closer look at a turtle in Indonesia.

All this contact with the ocean quickly moved into an obsession with saltwater aquariums, but Andrej’s first saltwater tank was a complete disaster because he and his family (like so many people) didn’t know enough about the marine life to keep them healthy for the long term.

This led to a quick realisation that a saltwater aquarium really is a science which in turn led to a keen interest in biology and a lot of marine life based research for Andrej.

Jump forward 10 years and Andrej has spent a lot of time in the lab learning about creating optimum marine environments and the ins and outs of maintaining super-healthy eco-systems.

saltwater aquarium advice

Andrej; scientist and creator of Saltwater Aquarium Advice

Quickly Andrej realised for quite a complicated hobby, there is very little quality information around and often what information you do find is contradicted by another website, book or self-proclaimed “expert” online.

The bottom line is a saltwater aquarium has very little room for error, so you need to get it right!

Andrej decided to combine his scientific training and keen passion for marine life to use in creating and maintaining thriving saltwater aquariums. So after being asked countless questions by other marine aquarists (some of them were even biochemists!), Andrej decided to write his “Ultimate Secrets To Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates” to set the story straight. But also to translate all the technical information into an easy to understand format.

Andrej: “My goal for my book , Facebook page, VIP club and my blog is to help people avoid all the common mistakes that end up with 80% of saltwater aquarium owners leaving the hobby after 2 years, usually down a few thousand dollars.”

“I really want to provide the best information anywhere and help saltwater aquarium owners around the world enjoy the thrill of their own thriving marine aquarium.”

Andrej really believes the saltwater aquarium hobby is really important to the future of the planets marine species because it is a way of repopulating the oceans wild stocks of endangered corals, marine fish and invertebrates…by learning how to get these animals to reproduce in captive systems. Having a thriving saltwater aquarium and being part of this should be something that anybody can learn how to do without making crucial mistakes.

Andrej has so far sold over 3000 copies of his book and has thousands of followers on his blog and Facebook page.

If he could he would spend the rest of his life underwater discovering new species and learning how to save the coral reefs of the world…[/vc_column_text]

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