Saltwater Aquarium Advice Academy 2021

“Avoid harmful aquarium mistakes with
scientist’s easy secrets to
thriving saltwater tanks”


Discover success secrets fish stores don’t want you knowing with my saltwater scientist’s mentoring program…


Don’t join the 90% of saltwater aquarium keepers who fail and have quit this hobby within 2 years!

Hi, I’m Andrej Brummer the Saltwater Scientist.

Since you’re here you’ve probably heard how I am a biologist who studied marine biology yet still crashed my aquarium not once but twice from silly little mistakes I even didn’t know I was making!

It’s ironic that I studied captive marine systems at university and aced marine bio – yet my expensive fish died, my corals dissolved, I had parasite/algae/disease breakouts and my water chemistry wouldn’t stop fluctuating.

I was arrogant and stupid, I thought I could wing it…but I paid for my mistakes with thousands of dollars, years of lost work and destroying all the love I put into that tank and my beautiful pets who were now dead.

Whenever I had minor or major problems I did a LOT of research online, everything and everyone advised me something different.

It was incredibly frustrating and confusing.

WTF! I was a trained biologist and I couldn’t even succeed with my 55 gallon mixed reef!

You already know after becoming fed up with failure I decided to properly apply my biology degree to the problem and do things according to marine biology principles of captive marine systems.

Being a scientist with access to various marine laboratories, scientific libraries and geeky professors, I soon accumulated a LOT of knowledge about captive marine systems.

I spent years researching, observing, experimenting, testing and measuring everything for myself scientifically until finally – everything fell into place and my tanks transformed before my eyes!