Test Post 2

Test Post 2

Lets ssee how this works.

Fish are just like people when it comes to eating.

Feed them a boring and average diet and they will lose their zest and their immune resistance will decrease…

They will live relatively shorter lives, colors will fade and behavior will become lack-lustre.

Have I got your attention yet?

Fish are what they eat, by paying attention to their diets you can get optimal coloration, behavior and immunity from your pets.

Below are some of my best #SaltwaterScientist tips for avoiding fish health problems by providing an optimal diet for your fish.
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1. Feeding fussy wild caught marine fish

This can sometimes be challenging, as newcomers to the aquarium can be fussy eaters, this is especially true for older fish which will be more “set in their ways”.

Usually this issue will be as a result of the stress of capture and acclimation to your specific aquarium conditions and will remedy itself.

The best way to deal with such fish is to mimic foods and feeding conditions as closely as possible to the fish’s natural environment.

Some species are also so fussy they are only advised for experts like Moorish Idols, which people have a lot of trouble getting to feed at all in captivity.
marine fish diet

Moorish idols are highly desirable but many specimens simply do not eat well in captivity
2. Underfeed rather than overfeed

Written by Andrej Brummer